Over that last 10 years, Stag Energy has developed and managed over 1,500MW of reserve power capacity around the UK. Our expertise in site selection has enabled swift development and the deployment of cost-effective solutions.

Stag has significant experience in managing complex projects through development, construction, and operations.


As the energy landscape becomes more complex, Stag Energy brings experience and understanding to the evolving landscape of energy infrastructure:

Green Hydrogen

To meet the UK Government’s Net Zero target, the development of hydrogen electrolysis facilities located at strategic locations around the UK will be required to meet the needs within the industrial and transport sectors. Stag Energy is actively developing green hydrogen production facilities across the UK.

Transmission Systems & Stability

National Grid is overseeing a transformation of the UK electricity system as they develop the capability to manage a network with 100% renewable generation by 2025. National Grid are procuring services to underpin System Stability and to alleviate transmission Boundary Constraints. Stag Energy is actively engaged in progressing projects to meet these services at locations around the UK.


Solar PV technology is well established in the UK and has an important role to play in the decarbonisation of the UK power system. The cost of solar PV technology has been falling, which enables solar energy schemes to proceed without public support or subsidy. A solar scheme can be enhanced by co-locating battery storage that can make the scheme more flexible and support the electricity network. Stag Energy provides a development and management capability to deliver cost-effective, high-efficiency solutions to the solar sector.


Storage is becoming a critical part of energy system development as intermittent renewables require storage of energy and system balancing to ensure a stable and reliable electricity system throughout the year.

Battery – Battery storage is establishing a growing role to provide short term storage and system balancing services, often co-located with solar or wind facilities. Stag Energy is engaged in the development of energy storage projects which can take power from the grid at times of high renewable generation and release it for use at other times. These projects can also be combined with grid stabilisation equipment.